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Perhaps the Most Boring Capital Investment In Switzerland!

We invest together in renewable energies! Join us
in shaping
the energy transition for a better future
for our children and grandchildren!
protection, sustainability and returns
your green investment in renewable

Investors From All Over the World Are Welcome! 


Investment Strategy

We are absolutely risk averse and do not invest our members’ money in “exciting” investments. We deal exclusively with these investments:

The focus here is on the long-term earning power of a system, which we carefully examine before purchasing. Sworn experts will support us with words and deeds before we make a purchase.

We want to offer our members an ongoing, relatively secure income. This thought is at the forefront of all our decisions. That's why we wrote at the beginning: "Perhaps the most boring capital investment in Switzerland".

The minimum subscription amount is CFH 10,000.00 The investment amount must always be divisible by 100. We charge a one-off premium (agio) of 5.00% of the investment amount. The annual account management fee is 0.5% of the paid-in amount. We will deduct this fee from your income. It does not have to be transferred separately.

We want to contribute to making this world a better world by reducing carbon in the atmosphere, but without losing sight of returns. Do good - achieve returns - little risk, that's how you could sum up our investment strategy.


A Swiss Cooperative

  • Has democratic structures

  • Annual audit by trustee

  • No obligation to make extra payments

  • Members can be Legal and natural persons

  • Economic self help is in the foreground


We expect to be able to achieve
a return on invest of over 10%
and this is quite certain as we will take advantage of the government guarantees in Germany.

The annual general meeting of our members will vote once a year on what return on invest will be paid out to the members.

So you decide for yourself how high your return on invest of your capital investment will be with us. Of course only within the framework of what we have generated for the members of the cooperative.


  • Very favorable tax rates in Switzerland

  • Withholding tax fully refundable

  • Loan free Tax

Affiliate / Broker / Sales

  • We are looking for our sales partners who enjoy recruiting new members. We pay standard market commissions.

  • We are looking for brokers who sell this capital investment to their clientele, and we attach great importance to a long-term partnership.

  • Are you already a member of our cooperative? Then recruit other members in your family and circle of acquaintances and thus achieve additional income.

Write us an email and we will call you back. Fast, easy and uncomplicated.

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Firstly thank You for Your trust. The amount will be transferred to the Swiss bank account of GIS. We will inform about the volume of the collected money towards all cooperative members. the cooperative shares will be invested in smart & green energy projects. he amount will be transferred to the Swiss bank account of GIS.  All money whatever currency will be converted into Swiss Franc. This is the currency we count on. In times of inflation an additional point to be considered.

We are going to invest following our investment strategy such as explained above. We always keep our eyes open on opportunities to take over existing solar farms or wind mills or water power stations. If the conditions of taking over fit into our plans of yield we will be acting fast. But never without the care taking about all our cooperative shares. No purchase without an appraisers opinion and the legal documents. We are here to secure the values and to add to them by thorough planning, acting, investing.

We have come to stay and not to walk away. What do we mean by this? We will run such projects as long as they fit into our plans about Yield and long term ownership. The care taking on the assets owned is the basic principle of this cooperative. Creating long term values by servicing the community is our goal.

Easy. We like you like the idea but there is always a time to say good bye as well. Here we will open up several options: A the cooperative returns your money and your shares leave from the owners book. B Another who is searching to be part of the cooperative is buying from you via the cooperative. So the shares will be filled und a new name. C You find someone who buys from your good self directly in private. So you inform the cooperative about the new name of the shares held by the new person. In this case the cooperative has the right to proof the persons background and the has them last say in this case.

Following Swiss law for cooperatives each share holder of the cooperative own one vote nevertheless how many shares he owns in the total volume. This way the cooperative is aiming to follow the will of the majority of the share holders and not the accumulated value of the single share holders. This the cooperative makes a place where basic democratic habits are lived and respected. Read the Statutes of the cooperative. More explanation is withheld by there.

We are easy to be understood. We are humble with our promises and we drive for the best of the cooperative and its cooperative members shares. Read more in “yield.”

The cooperative has to protect its investments and assets. thats why no project ever will be done without the right level of coverage in terms of insurance and service. We will operate all projects on Your behalf the same way You would like us to do: with care and with safety. If you own such a project you are obliged to look after it. That’s what we do with our own care takers.

We own operate and farm the projects longterm. This longterm strategy makes us unique. We do not want to be “hyped”. We want to be seen as Your long term partner in your investment. Read more by Investment strategy.

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Print it out, sign it and send it to us by regular mail together with a copy of your identity card/For legal entities, please provide a copy of the extract from commercial register. We will promptly send you confirmation of your membership and provide you with our account number for your transfer of the subscription amount.

Swiss law and regulations on money laundering require us to do this.

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