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Subscription Form

The Signatory(s)

Company: __________________________________

Name: _________________First Name: ____________

Address: ___________, Zip:________, City: _________

Date of Birth___________, Citizenship: _____________

Phone:____________, Email:_____________

hereby request/requests entry in the Register of Members of the Cooperative and declare/declares to acquire the following share certificates in accordance with Article 11 of the Articles of Association for his/her own account and for his/her own legal and beneficial ownership and not to hold them for third parties:

………………………. Share certificates* (min. 100 à nominal CHF 100.00)

of an output price of CHF 105.00 (each) = CHF …………………………….

The General Meeting can determine interest on the share certificates of considering the financial situation and the course of business. Interest is paid pro-rata in the first year.

By signing, I/we undertake to pay up the subscribed share certificates within 30 days and to pay the equivalent value to the Genossenschaft GENO INVEST SUISSE, Freienbach SZ.

I/we will be asked by the cooperative to make payment in due course. The rights and obligations result from the statutes of the cooperative GENO INVEST SUISSE, Freienbach SZ, dated March 16, 2022, in the current version, which I/we are aware of and are hereby recognized.

Place and date:                                        Signature:

Please enclose a copy of your legal ID Card!

For companies please enclose an excerp of the commercial register!